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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  October 26, 2011 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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hello, everyone. i'm beth troutman. thanks for joining us on this wednesday. you're watching "right this minute." a planned parenthood protest is the scene of a strange confrontation. >> let go of me now! >> see why the cop got called on the cop. it's a hot trend. kitty playhouses. >> that can be 60 grand. >> what happened to building a treehouse with your dad. >> when you see the amenities you might want to move in here. >> a high school football play who has everybody asking who's the guy that's so fly?
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>> you know the fog machines that make your yard look awesome at halloween. >> find out the secret ingredients to make one at home for cheap. >> that is really neat. >> and boom times in one u.s. town lead to ba-da-bing if you know what we mean. we begin today's show with confrontation footage. nick, you have that for us? >> a planned parenthood office in columbus, ohio, was holding a fund-raiser to raise money for planned parenthood. any time they hold an event there's usually protesters out front. here's what happened. >> police officer is harassing and physically assaulting a detective. >> the video we're watching was posted by created equal films. the officer in the yellow coat was hired by planned parenthood as security. the man that the officer in the yellow jacket is cornering is also a columbus police officer. he's a detective. the pro life protesters felt
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that the cop in the yellow jacket was harassing them and crossing the line so they called in this detective to come in and these two get into a confrontation. >> he's got his handcuffs out. >> the cop had to be called on the cop? >> let go of me, jack. >> what i don't understand is, how a cop would need to be asked to leave, knowing the law in terms of where you need to be during a protest. >> seems to be a bit of a power struggle going on as to who's in the right. >> let go of me now! >> get on the ground! >> let go of me. >> i think it was started by the people who were pro life because they called a detective on a cop who was not doing, from what we see here, anything illegal. he's just playing security. >> we don't know that. we didn't see what happened before the video. the people were saying that this cop was harassing them. >> pushing us around earlier too, officer. >> those kinds of protests that happen there, sometimes result in shootings, sometimes in
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bombings. they can get very violent. i'm sure this officer might have experienced some kind of fear knowing that these kinds of things could happen. >> internal investigation is going on in the columbus pd to figure out some of these questions. >> let go of me! we're almost at the end of hurricane season and there's another hurricane in the caribbean sea. we have some footage of the hurricane over the islands off belize. the video is not that great, not that year, but you can see how huge the waves are and they're just hitting the shoreline and normally i don't know how much you know about the islands, this is a very resort-like area. beautiful resort area. blue waters. kinds of you know cabanas out in the ocean you can stay in. right now this is what the islands are experiencing. >> looks like the only person out there on the beach is the person shooting the video. >> this is hurricane rina. winds up to 110 miles an hour.
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the strange thing about this hurricane is it's only moving due west at 3 miles an hour. it's a glacier-like pace so when it hits over an area it's staying there an extended amount of time. we have interesting footage that came from the international space station yesterday. of hurricane rina as it was in this area. this is the hurricane. look how enormous that is. >> that looks like the size of a continent. >> it's expected to hit the resort areas of cancun and cozumel by tomorrow. >> you never think of a hurricane being slow. you know. i've never like, you know, fathomed that, if a hurricane is slow it could cause a lot more damage because it stays in one place. republican presidential candidate herman cain is getting a lot of attention for not being your average presidential candidate. >> i really believe that herman cain will put united back in the united states of america.
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>> this is one of the latest campaign videos. >> keep watching. >> together we can do this. we can take this country back. ♪ ♪ i am america >> and herman cain does his "the grinch" smile. >> almost looks like the guy is somewhere on a smoke break just chillin'. >> it's just poorly done. >> yeah. >> period. from front to back. the concept, the execution, the message. >> is this refreshing that it's so different or is it just hilarious? something i couldn't put my finger on. >> you call it refreshing and this man is smoking a cigarette on tv. >> it is refreshing that it's not a multimillion-dollar slick campaign ad. >> sure isn't. >> doesn't need to be. production quality wouldn't bug me if the story line or if the message was a little bit better. >> mark block is not the marlboro man. >> are they going for the "mad men" approach?
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>> take a cd and maybe -- he should have a sip of scotch after that. >> vote for herman cain. >> he says this is block talking, i personally would encourage people not to smoke. it's just that i'm a smoker and a lot of people said just let block be block. ♪ i am america we all know that the housing market really stinks, right? but there is one segment of that housing market that seems to be unaffected in some areas. luxury play homes. >> what? >> these things have hardwood floors. these things have stain glass windows. >> it has a fountain. when does a play house get a fountain. >> the company build these homes for wealthy families for their kids to go out and play in. they're fully furnished. this has a flat screen it tv, fake fireplace, an oriental rug. they'll make one for $2,000. some of their higher end ones
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are $20,000. some of their customers want customized homes that can be 60 grand. >> are you freakin' kidding me? >> but what happened to going out to the woods, to the lumber yard and grabbing boards and nails and building a treehouse with your dad? you're going to give them a $60,000 home when they are maybe 5, 6 years old? what is that -- what is that kid going to grow up appreciating. are they going to appreciate the small things in life. daddy, i want a $60,000 playhouse. >> if people have those resources they have the option and if $20,000 is peanuts, then it's not going to be a big deal to them. >> this is why there's an occupy wall street. this is what the 1% is doing with their money. >> all i have to say, i'm ready to occupy that playhouse. the greatest thing that can happen to whale watchers is to actually see a whale, right? >> sure. >> yeah. into but for these whale watchers the experience was up close and personal. >> that whale's right there, guys. he's right next to us.
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>> they're watching a group of whales feeding on the surface of the water, but one of the blue whales actually started swimming towards them on the boat and hang out with them. studios ride. keiv >> it does. >> when jaws comes close to the boat, but this is real. >> this is a company called dolphin safari and they take people out on the ocean it to see whales, but when this one got close to their boat, which almost never ever, ever happens they were all mesmerized and amazed. they had two people recording this. they had captain dave taping from the deck and a whale watcher in the underwater viewing pod. >> all of a sudden the face of a blue whale came right up to me and swam up and the eye looked at me as it went by. >> it's crazy.
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you can see the detail of whatever those like lines are on the whale. >> it hardly looked like that whale was smiling. he was saying to his buddy, want to watch me freak somebody out? i'm going to go right next to this boat. bet you never done tricks like this on a trampoline. >> wow. >> oh, and they get even crazier. hear how this trampolinist is reaching new heights. this little girl has some major singing chops, but it's the message behind her music that has people really impressed. meet the young star who might soon outshine her famous father. okay, ladies, if you have troubling ordering clothes that fit on-line you're not alone. the new innovation that will break your order,
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you guys ever get in trouble for jumping on the mattress, on the bed, on the couch. >> yeah, of course. >> i'm pretty sure julien from canada did the same thing but turned it into a profession. >> wow. ♪ >> i love how smooth it looks. >> oh, my. >> his head is so close to hitting the ceiling. right this minute we have julien on skype. tell me how this all got started. >> i was jumping on my parents' bed when i was 12 years old. after that i had a backyard trampoline and then i joined the trampoline club and now i've been competing in trampoline for about 10 years. >> what is it about trampoline you love so much you turned it into a profession? >> i don't know if i can explain
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it. i like flying and being in the air. >> did you have any gymnastics training to help you? >> i've never done begin nastics. at first i didn't have much skills but i've been doing tramg po lean ten years now. >> what's the difference between a home trampoline and olympic or wall trampoline. >> the backyard trampoline the holes are really small and don't let air through and you can't bounce very high. on these trampolines the holes are a lot bigger and that enables you to jump way higher. >> have you ever had any bad accidents? i have' had a few bad accidents. i have broken my arm, both bones, i've broken my ankle, i have a few plates and screws in my ankle now. no big deal. you have to get up and try again. >> what's the ultimate goal here? >> i want wall trampoline to become a recognized extreme sport. you know the fog machines that make your yard look awesome
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at halloween or make your front door look spooky? they can get expensive. i get excited when i find ways for people to save money and be cool. >> grab food grade glycerin and distilled water. >> glycerin and distilled water in a glass, stir it with a spoon. >> we're going to go one part glycerin, three parts distilled water. >> it's the top of a soda bottle over an aluminum bull or dish, put paper around it and it's water and glycerin in a candle. >> after that, i took my glass of fog juice and poured in a healthy dose. look at it go. >> it's awesome, right. >> that's pretty cool. >> i like that. >> that is really neat. >> i'm so excited. $5. >> awesome idea. i think it's funny the guy in the video his definition, you want to get crazy, shine the flashlight on it. >> want to go crazy you can shine a light on it and fully measure.
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>> don't get too crazy, man. >> look at that. that is pretty cool. >> that's awesome. >> you can hide it in skeleton heads. make it halloween cheap but still exciting. >> i think we should do a little "right this minute" experiment. >> interns. get us some glycerin and distilled chop. >> if you want to see the whole video and step-by-step instructions go to now your halloween party will look nice and legit. if you're a fan of the nba or if you are even a fan of the lakers, know who meta world peace is formerly known as ron artest, his daughter is a star too. she acts, she sings and has a new single out called "fighter" and it's an inspirational video. ♪ i wake up like you i walk in my shoes ♪ ♪ but i've learned what doesn't
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kill me makes me stronger ♪ ♪ and now i'll give up until it's over ♪ ♪ i'm heading for a fight ♪ knockout punch >> i don't have words to express how much adoration i feel for her right now and for this music video. it is so amazing. ♪ nobody knows my struggles >> in 2007 doctors diagnosed her with kidney cancer. she had cancer, 8 years old now and is cancer-free. right this minute i want to talk to diamond world peace and ask her about the video. did you like dancing and everything in it and singing? >> yeah. i like singing in it most. >> what does your dad think about the video? what did he say about seeing you singing and dancing there? >> he likes it.
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>> what do you want people to think about after they viewed your video? >> people, kids like fighting cancer right now, it will help them and get inspired to keep fighting. ♪ i'm a fighter yeah an expired meter leads to this. >> hello. >> the surprising twist to this chainsaw massacre. >> he was a stray from the streets of kuwait, find out how this soldier's love for his mutt brought him to america.
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got any plans this weekend? >> nope. >> how about let's get a motorcycle helmet, somebody's hyundai, a shopping cart and a t-shirt and let's tie the car to the shopping cart and see what happens? >> i love this game. who doesn't love this game. >> this is what's probably going to happen. ♪ >> like, what an idiot. why would you can -- >> they thought a t-shirt was going to be the proper connection between the car and shopping cart. they couldn't have thought of a rope. i appreciate the spontaneity of the stunt, but at least turn the car around. don't you know anything -- >> they don't even have ahold of the t-shirt as the car starts
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going. hits her head on the bumper. good thing she was wearing the helmet. >> people do dumb things but this might be the dumbest people trying to do a dumb thing. >> it's not even a good thing. just like a fail of a fail. >> right. >> they were like almost trying to fail. >> yes. >> i'm going to introduce you to a fabulous dame that's going to show you how to make franken worms. ♪ >> that is water, baking soda and water. soak them in there for ten minutes. >> then what? >> put them in the vinegar and they come alive. >> look what she does to make a magic potion. >> take two glasses of magic poion and combine them. >> as a parent i wanted to make it easy for other parents to do science with their kids and i try to use ingredients you can find around your house, a lot in your kitchen. >> the dancing worms you can't eat them, right? >> i don't know. i told my kids they could if they wanted to.
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they're just vinegar. maybe they would be like sour gummy worms. >> what experiment do your kids like the most? >> blowing up balloons with bay baking soda and vinegar. one with eggs, vinegar and corn syrup. i have a jar right here. >> oh. >> called alienonster eggs. g w looking and kind of fun for kids to play with. >> back to my original question, can you eat them. >> i would not eat the eggs. the worms, yes, the eggs no. >> are you a science teacher or were you? >> i worked in a research lab for ten years. >> what's the best way for parents who aren't very good at science to get their kids interested in it? >> let your kids explore. don't say you have to do it this way but try the cornstarch. that's the coolest stuff ever. mix cornstarch and water, called a fluid, and let it rest in your hands it will drip through like
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a liquid. so fun. >> and the word of the day is -- ♪ nonnewtonnen fluid. this video is completely nuts and i just want to see what you guys think about it. >> looks like an expired meter. they didn't come back in time, those guys. >> hello! >> his friend is trying to stop him. chill out. >> that guy is sawing off the meter. >> if i had a dollar for every time i swear i wanted to do that. >> caption underneath this video in brooklyn in a cab, saw this happening on the side of the road, asked the cab driver to stop and shot this with my iphone. >> some on the internet saying is this a fake? >> i think most people thought this was completely fake.
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you can see the meter maid's car, 16 pcp. most are saying that's not a real precinct. >> i have no idea. the guy in the cab came up on it so fast and had the situation assessed so quickly that also makes me raise an eyebrow. >> i will cry if this is not real. >> i'm going with real. >> christian has real. >> i'm going with fake. that 16th precinct thing sold me. >> i want it to be real. >> you don't get the fence on this. >> it's fake. >> still holding strong on your positions? >> yeah. >> fake. >> we just talked to the nypd's public information office and they said that they have not heard of this video. there is no 16th precinct and they also said that probably for a movie or a tv show, if they're using a prop with the 16th precinct on the side. >> what's the show? because it looks funny. >> i don't know what show it is.
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>> it doesn't matter. it's not real. driving down the freeway can get irritating with some very pushy drivers behind you sometimes, right? what do you do? >> brake check. >> good one. >> this guy has the exact same problem except he took a very creative way to solve the problem. he created the led matrix display for the back window of his car. he displays things like, keep distance, drive slow. >> turning. >> turning right. he's going to turn right. >> and it went to the right. >> he does have a controller panel for the driver so he can control what messages are being displayed. so he can be nice and say hey, you know, drive slow or he can say, hey -- >> -- me off, back off. >> he's trying to be safe and
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display messages, but it's almost like worse than texting while driving. i imagine this guy, slowly turning right. >> it can be distracting, especially in the heat of the moment when you want to tell somebody something you can't forget about the rest of the road. type a nasty message to the guy behind you. i would love something like this on my car honestly. for all the good and bad reasons. >> you drive like -- [ horn ] friday is two days away and you know what that means. our top 20 countdown. our picks of the day's best videos and stories. >> but of all the videos we've been finding only 20 will make the list. >> we call its countdown, the best of the best. >> they're our top 20 friday on "right this minute." and this is what's coming up next.
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>> he's a superhero who went after people who didn't pick up dog poop. >> now see who supervaclav is targeting. >> what this guy did that had this superhero p.o..ed. witness an amazing feat of football. >> this guy takes off, he is in flight. 00úp
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women flock to one u.s. town for jobs. >> $2,000 a night you guys. >> but it's what they got to do to get the money that has people hot and bothered. >> people seek it out. people look for it and it's just not going to go away. >> been the most riveting rescue from the turkey quake. a 2-week-old baby trapped for two days survives. now hear why doctors aren't surprised.
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>> it's the season for extreme pumpkin carving. >> what happened to the triangles and really bad mouth? >> find out easy ways to make your creation more edgy. >> that thing is going to rot on your porch in three days anyway. >> we'll hear about the high-tech way to find clothes that fit. >> basically they create a machine to tell you if your butt looks big in those jeans. welcome back to "right this minute," everyone. i have a story that, it just bothers me. wilson, north dakota, has become a place where men can make a ton of money being oil drillers. that has created a ton of money for women. the co-owner of one of the two strip clubs there, she has gotten dancer applications from women in hawaii, alaska, from germany, from the czech republic, that strippers are literally beating down the door
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trying to become strippers in one of these two strip joints. $2,000 a night, you guys. and this is tax-free money. it's tips. they're making almost half a million dollars a year to take off their clothes. >> have i changed your mind about stripping yet? >> no. >> come on. >> i really enjoy that. the place is called whispers. >> what does that say to young girls who say you know what, i'm not going to go to college, i'm not going to become a doctor because i can make half a million dollars a year taking off my clotheses. >> they say the majority are married men who have left their families to go drill oil because they're making $100,000 a year. >> i don't see a bad thing. >> it's only bad if they're -- >> women for profit. >> some women out there that are quite happy saying awant to be a stripper. >> people seek it out, look for it and it's not going away. >> what are they going to do
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after this. >> playing their way through college. their getting their degree while they're strippingp. >> >> new ivy league school i don't know about out there? >> university of whispers. by now you've seen the video of the 2 week old baby pulled from the rubble in turkey, right? >> oh, my. >> this 2 week old baby girl named asra was rescued with her mom. some of the research on infants can shed light on how this child could survive such a tremendous accident. newborn babies hold fat storage in their body because breast milk doesn't come in immediately. babies are born with the ability to fast for a few days on end. babies, obviously, are super small and is better chance of them getting trapped in a small space in a collapsed building like this. >> we always think of babies as fragile, but scientifically that makes perfect sense. >> baby bones are more flexible.
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their bones are likely to bend slightly than immediately break. in premature baby cases girls are more likely to survive because of the estrogen. estrogen seems to make premature baby girls survive at a higher rate than premature baby boys. a lot of luck and maybe science went into her survival. >> i'm happy she did survive. >> interesting to fast forward 20 years and find out what this girl becomes. she was destined to be alive and survive this. you hear sports announcers say stuff like that guy can fly or that girl is flying around out there. a figure of speech, right. until now. watch this. this is k.j. dillon, a senior at a high school, the blue darters. this is in florida. up against west orange high school. >> what? >> we see this kind of stuff all
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the time. people diving in the end zone. he jumps from the 5 yard line. >> and he got farther than 5. that's at least 6 yards. >> exactly. this guy takes off, he is in flight. look at that. is that legal? >> very legal. this is a touchdown. k.j. is being recruited by a number of division 1 football teams for his defense, actually. he's a really strong defensive player as well. >> the way he landed, though, i thought he was going to get up hurt. neck kind of wrenched back. >> baby that's great, get a scholarship, don't do it again. >> the one guy that tried to shove him, almost looked like he helped him along a bill bit. >> i think that was mostly k.j. >> if football doesn't work out he could be one of those real-life superheroes, because the guy can fly. what if some of those horror movie killers that use gloves
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like freddy krueger, had electric gloves? does that sound weird? >> electricity in their gloves? >> if they had like taser gloves. >> thank you, beth. >> that's scary looking. >> pretty crazy, right? it's a very short video, but what you can see here is that someone has ma giverred some gardening gloves, wired them, hooked them up to a couple of altoid boxes that i'm sure had some sort of generator in them. >> are we a little freaked out this guy doesn't show his face and he's made electric gloves. >> he's not the focus of the video, it's his gloves. >> probably posted it on-line to show his buddies. look at this cool thing i can do. >> if you meet this guy on the street you know he's going to have fresh breath because he's got all those altoids to get the equipment to make these things,
9:36 am
so you might feel a little shock when you shake his hand but his breath will smell minuty fresh. >> it touches his finger tips and sparks happen. >> if i was wearing these gloves i couldn't shoot beth with them? >> from far away. touch her just like you would with a taser gun you have to touch the person. just went like this.> a story o named steve who was liberated from kuwait. this is sergeant mark stanhope. he befriended steve while in kuwait. >> something to distract you from your mission and stuff like that. to where you could just, you know, forget about your troubles and like do what you do at home. >> but unfortunately, steve was attacked by another dog and they said they were going to have to put him down. >> a lot of people said, we should try to adopt him. so many hoops to jump through. >> he raised $1800 to have the dog treated and sent to the u.s.
9:37 am
>> was he a stray dog in kuwait they found and befriended? >> it was a dog they found in kuwait. became fast friends. they named him steve. i don't think steve is a regular kuwaiti name. >> it's not just a souvenir you put in the photo album. it's a living example of what we do for other people and other animals. showing we care. >> that's cool that sergeant mark took the time and the effort to bring this dog back. >> he's a little cuty. >> runs in the name. >> he has nice eyes. >> and he loves to kiss. wall street gets a dose of the material world. ♪ living in a material world >> from two familiar faces. and one of our viewers sent us a little treat.
9:38 am
will you see what she saw?
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let me introduce you to the winners of the 2011 pumpkin carving competition. >> this is my favorite. >> stolen kidney pumpkin. >> oh. >> there's sparky the electric chair pumpkin. >> the dude from big la bow ski pumpkin. >> what happened to just the triangles and really bad mouth? >> to tell us about extreme
9:41 am
pumpkins the guy that created it tom. this contest goes back to 2004. how many submissions have you gotten this year compared to when you first started it? >> i get hundreds a year. >> what do you consider when choosing the winner? >> i look for ideas easy to do first and look for a creative idea. >> does it seem that in the last few years carving pumpkin has become quite the rage? >> the internet brings out the most detailed pumpkin carvings possible. it's more fun to have a creative idea that's easy to do. the vomiting pumpkin was the one that put my website on the map and that pumpkin you can do in like a minute. >> that pumpkin is viral. >> not only is that pumpkin viral but it has a virus. >> what are the basic tools for someone like me who never carves a pumpkin? >> just go to the store and get the pumpkin carving kit. the thing is going to rot on your porch in three days anyway, so don't put too much time into it. >> can you give is creative ideas? >> mohawk out of carrots,
9:42 am
dreadlocks out of twizzlers, tongue out of laughy taffy. >> what's your message to the kids that go smashing pumpkins? >> don't get caught. dark, creepy night, somewhere in the czech republic, a man walking down the sidewalk, ducks into an alley. what do you call? ♪ supervaclav! >> oh geez. here he comes. marching down the street to what he thinks is a dastardly deed. and -- [ speaking foreign language ] >> he was peeing. that guy was peeing and he threw firecrackers at him. yep. this guy thinks he's going to go
9:43 am
and pee in an alley. not when supervaclav is on duty. pretty bad. >> that's great. >> that is the best supervaclav fighting crime tactic i've seen. >> the fireworks and the pee that's great. is pee flammable? >> this guy turns around and still has his -- >> fly down. >> he's definitely -- he definitely wet his pants a little bit there, th>> at the ps when they start going off. >> this cracks me up too. he comes and kicks the wall. >> why did you do that, dude? i was trying to take a leak. ♪ all kinds of different videos are coming out of occupy wall street, but this one, i particularly like because of the subjects featured in it. ♪ living in a material world and
9:44 am
i am a material girl ♪ >> do you recognize either of these two guys? >> wanewrite, what's his name? >> that is correct. rufus wane wright and this guy that you see here is shawn lennon, john lennon from the beatles, son. this was a few days ago at occupy wall street and decided to sing madonna's "material girl" in the middle of a protest. isn't that cool? >> kind of neat. i'm disappointed in myself that i didn't recognize shawn lennon. >> wonder what madonna thinks about this rendition of her song. >> i think if she didn't like it i would be surprised. >> the video taken by another fellow artist john watts and it can be seen on his youtube channel. >> i'm glad we're seeing more videos like this rather than the conflicts with the police and people fighting and trying -- that stuff was getting on my nerves.
9:45 am
>> this is my favorite part here. >> they did a bro hug. >> one of the most iconic songs in recent history and sitting there with a lyric cheat like they're carolling at christmas. >> light here you hear a guy yelling out that song was dedicated to ben bernanke. >> that was dedicated to ben bernanke. twice today we promised to show you this 3d body imaging machine that help your clothes fit better. if you don't want better fitting clothes turn the channel now because we're going to show it to you next. the way this body moves has nothing to do with clothes at all. >> these videos make me depressed and it shows how uncool i am because i cannot move a lick. >> but he can. more glide moves coming up.
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. you girls know how hard it is to find things that fit when you're shopping on-line. >> apparently almost 40% of people send things back they've gotten on-line because they don't fit. but body met trix in london has developed this thing that's a 3d body scanner that takes all of your measurements and then uploads your measurements
9:49 am
on-line anywhere you shop on-line, any store, any brand you have your measurements. body mettrix partnered with prime sense which some may know as the technology they use in the kin net. they caught up with body metrix in the mall in uk where they installed the very first 3d body scanners. >> basically about their portions, mainly between their hips and waist. people have problems between their hips and waist. they get gaping in the back of the jeans. if they're straight bodied the jeans will hang off the back of their bum. nothing to do with fat, thin. >> they created a machine to tell you if your butt looks big in those jeans. >> they created a machine that tells you how small your butt is if you look at it that way. >> on-line you're buying things because it's too little at the waist off big at the butt. >> i like the fact that they gave a different name to women's body shapes. they say are you shaped like an apple, a pear.
9:50 am
you don't want to be called an apple or pear. they're both round. >> you like the emerald. >> emerald, ruby, sapphire. you're a jewel. i like that. >> remember the story about the weirdo crabs in russia, found them on the side of the road and the one grabbed the guy's nose. a viewer named devon was watching that story and eating peanut butter m&ms an decided to send us this picture bause the m&ms she was eatinglos like a crab. just like a crab, actually. >> i don't know if it naturally came out of the bag like that or if she bit it bs, but who bites and goes this looks like a crab. >> with the peanut butter m&m you bite it and look at the center. there's something about the deliciousness. >> thanks to devon. thumb's up, devon. of all my amazing talents that i don't have, dancing is one that -- this is a dancer
9:51 am
gliding to a dubbed song called "castle walls" by tic featuring christina aguilera. ♪ >> the dance you're seeing is a i-glide. he belongs to a group called remote control, a trio of b-boys. you can just see these smooth, fly moves by this guy. amazing. >> these videos make me depressed and i'm depraesed because it shows how uncool i am because i cannot move a lick. >> i don't think most people can move like this. ♪ >> this is like the updated version of the robot. >> yeah, totally. ♪ >> you're right. and it looks like he doesn't have bones. he's just like a puppet. >> the coolest thing to me is like just to watch his feet. watch his feet and the way they
9:52 am
move. it's like totally wacky. you meet this guy at a club and he says you want to dance and he starts dancing like this. how do you guys dance with him? >> i would be like. >> wake me up before you go-go. what are you going to do? i can't compete. >> i don't think this is what the mechanic meant when he said to use jumper cables. how your internet clicks got this car to the edge. [ screaming ]
9:53 am
[ zapping ] there goes dwayne's car. oh, man. there goes dwayne's house. whoa! whoa! and there goes dwayne. man, that thing does not like dwayne. [ male announcer ] state farm's got you covered.
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pretty cool video to show you guys. >> this comes from gradual -- >> learn how to switch out ram, how to fix a hard drive, anything that any computer user should know how to do. >> doesn't sound basic. >> not at all. >> i think of basic i think of minimizing a window. >> brings out all the tools that any, you know, common ii.t. person will have.
9:56 am
>> machete for a computer? >> i don't think you know enough about computers. >> are you calling me an idiot? >> that's it. >> i can do that tutorial. >> like that. and stick that back on there. >> did he spit on it? >> yeah. if you need to keep two things together you spit on it, right. >> use the giant african knife. just to get the stuff out from in between the keys. >> that's what the machete is for. >> i see what he's saying here. when you eat over your keyboard you get the crumbs in there, you get that can of air. that doesn't work. do something like this. >> yeah, easy. >> great. >> you might not go sky diving, you might not go bungeeing, but this does. >> this is the first time i've seen a company literally launch a new car. chevrolet is introducing the new sonic and they let it bungee jump. check it out. ♪
9:57 am
>> so there it goes. it went down, barely touched and came back up there. >> major marketing stunt. >> look where it says click here, they're trying do this viral campaign with the sonic and they allowed people to click on a button and the more you click the closer the car g to th edge. evntlly they got overnndca went over the edge. >> cool idea. >> i think it's an awesome way of launching a line of cars. i think they got a little too deep with the analysis. you may not bungee jump but your car does. no your car doesn't bungee jump. this car does because you set it up. >> they're trying to do the firsts. the first time you launch a car and made it bungee jump. trying to appeal to people like me, just graduated from college, getting their first job, first new car. that's what they're trying to do is sort of get that crowd going.
9:58 am
>> it's kind of awesome to see a car being launched. >> what did they do with the car afterwards? >> i don't know. wouldn't it be crazy if they sold it. you would have to get a carfax, right. >> that would be an interesting thing to show up. no previous accidents. one bungee jumping test. >> that's our show for the day. thanks so much for joining us. we're going to leave you with one last look of the close encounter with the blue whale. enjoy and we'll see you tomorrow.
9:59 am
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